Four-Thought: Edition Two


Welcome to the 2nd instalment of Four-Thought. Given the start of the season was still 4 weeks away, I thought it would be fun to throw out some predictions for how the season will play out. I gave everyone zero heads up on the topics, then asked everyone to give me: their end of season Award Winners ( MVP/MIP/DPOY/ROY/COY/6MOY), teams on their roster most likely to go over or under the Vegas odds, their Top 8 in each conference (in order) and an #Ozwoj.

We got a bit excited with the #ozwoj section throwing out some rubbish suggestions (I’m sure I heard James Harden would make All Defence 2nd Team*), so we decided to offer up a trade we would like to see happen, (even though it probably wouldn’t) as well as a hot take ala Stephen A Smith. Please read them as if Smith was yelling at Skip Bayless.

Given this was done before it was declared Bosh would not play and Middleton had done his hammy, some of us were happier than Sam others with their predictions**.

*This didn’t actually happen
**There is a jersey bet on the line with these overall predictions.


Clippers win 57+ games and CP3 is the MVP. Draymond has been runner up DPOY and will BE the last line of D, with Iggy getting rewarded for his sacrifices. Simmons is a no brainer,  Brooks (Wiz win more) and Parker (stats, touches) both benefit from Middleton’s injury.

Over on Portland… HOT TAKE…. Blazers are going to win 49 games. For me, I’m going under on Philly, they can’t reach a 17 game improvement. Well, not even 17 games get them over.



#Ozwoj: Seth Curry will average 14ppg Gordon Hayward won’t resign with Utah. It is the only home he has known and there will be plenty of attractive teams looking to make an offer for the Small Forward. This would trigger a Favors trade. #2-4-1-ozwoj.


For a trade, feast your eyes on that! Nola scrap decide to pair AD with an actual offensive weapon at the 5. Orlando gets a flier on Evans as a potential PG (think Sacto glory days), or clears more space for next year. They stretch Asik, and get a future 1st as well.


Lebron is my safe choice as MVP and I expect big years out of Adams and Jordan, elevating them to MIP and DPOY respectively. Brad Stevens is ready to take a leap with BOS and  Dunn/Knight can win but only if given the opportunity to.

My overs are the Pacers, they wont be worse than last year and will beat 43.5 wins. Unders are Atlanta, they will be worse than they were last year and struggle to make the wins.



#Ozwoj: Jeff Hornacek won’t last the season at the Knicks. Jeff is such a bad fit for what Phil Jackson has built. Their coaching philosophies are chalk and cheese, the egos will be hard to handle and when things go bad he will be the only change to make.


Wolves can push for the playoffs with a guy like Moose who fits with KAT at the 4/5. Rubio gives the Bucks a Kidd-Clone PG to run the team and Kidd himself will think he can turn his career around.


I’m all aboard the Russ Bandwagon. He is a near triple double threat every night. This is out there, but MKG for MIP. Kawhi is my lock for B2B DPOY. Buddy for ROY! New coach Fizdale has said all the right things, *Chandler for 6th man.

At risk of being a homer, Nuggets with a healthy Chandler and more experienced Jokic and Mudiay they will win more games than last year. Bulls will win les, I was negative on their off-season and that will translate to less than 38.5 wins this season.



#Ozwoj: Either Joeger or Boogie will not be at Kings by end of the season…


Thanks to Danny Ainge, Brooklyn doesnt own its first pick until 2019. Charlotte are in a win now mode, after spending $174.5m on Batum And Marv Williams. The Nets have zero assets, and this maybe is the best cents on the dollar hypothetical offer they receive.

*I may have been close to a food coma when making this call.


I’m backing Kawhi to win MVP, and have the shortest acceptance speech in league history. KAT was a safe pick for MIP and I’m homer picking Wiltside. Simmons going full LeLite and Thibs will lead the resurrection of the Wolves. Eric Gordon gets the nod for 6MOTY.

I’m going to go pretty boring and say my overs are Spurs. They are still a 60 win team, so think they can grab 5 more. Going to hedge my bets and say Jazz will not win 47.5, despite the buzz around them at the moment.



#Ozwoj: Serge Ibaka makes the All Star team. Contract year. Bigger role. Relatively weak PF class in the East.


Kings also receive the 2017 Brooklyn pick. Celtics get to give Gay and McLemore a go and see if they can help off the bench, while the Kings get to reset and get good value for Boogie Cousins.


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