Four Thought: Edition Three


Power Rankings; a lot of sites do them but it can be difficult to not have them just resemble the current standings. We are dropping our 1st edition before a game is in the books and will update the rankings once a month using a mixture of variables. Team record, league pass watchability and the overall feel of the franchise will all be taken into account when a team rises or drops in the rankings.

ssb2bzaxbhwsmobheebbp3ifsThe 2015/16 bridesmaids added Kevin Durant and the Death Lineup has a new name. Curry+Klay+Iggy+KD+Dray = The GOATee Lineup.


22287612000Not often the defending champs return intact and get demoted to 2nd place. Can The King defend his crown against the old enemy?


kkzhh1h70h284ov5yfshmxnwkDuncan is gone but Pop remains and still has Kawhi and LMA at his disposable. Time to find out if this is the end or if they can go again.



Griffin, Paul and Redick are all FA’s next summer, so the last gasp effort to make the Finals is here but the same problems also remain.



The Celtics landed Horford but thanks to guys like Crowder and Thomas, they will continue to play with a chip on their shoulder.



Yet another successful regular season coupled with an indifferent playoff campaign. Toronto needs to prove they aren’t dead yet.


Lillard is hoping to form Dubs Lite with Crabbe, Turner, Leonard, CJ, Harkless & Ezeli. But that’s a lot of Dame D.O.L.L.A.S!


je6i81hlxtnzzdzhwnu02ra4lInjuries look to threaten an otherwise hopeful season with longer term questions remaining on some key franchise pieces; Favors & Hayward.


63f7yzludlnhhx735q3gzp21mThe Rockets may be good, they may be horrible. But they will be fun to watch with Pringles ramping up to a 6SOL Offence.


wddsnm5vgu2tdbt9f0fbv1tnzMemphis handed out the biggest contract in history to their starting PG and are banking on the health of Parsons and Gasol.


f6gmqpguyodbsze6jpodnefgfWestbrook and the ‘Stache Bros are taking this team on a ride this season. Add in ‘Dipo and this team will be and tough fun to watch.


ha5gal6mfaibvrlb1s1b3yw0lPG13 has a new support cast after GM Larry decided to flip the table. If the new plan goes off the rails, Indiana could lose it’s franchise guy soon.



Howard/Schroder have replaced Horford/Teague, as Coach Bud tries to navigate them back into the playoffs. Milsap will be looking to get paid!


a4d6uee7f5h1iv1mv0cg4n7ffSVG just signed a 7’6″ C and is literally attempting to build a wall. Can they hold ground while Reggie recovers from knee surgery?



Be honest, Charlotte are a little boring. Coach Clifford will have them competing again but could they trade for Rudy Gay for some great irony?


qwpvw3a16gijw5aslmfra2z1mIt feels like the Wolves are already battling up hill with all the hype surrounding the team. Thibs has his work cut out with the youngins.


gzp00k2bfsertkqpru2a4c6exCuban has surrounded Dirk with some talent for his possible farewell tour but it’s unlikely the rise much further up the rankings.


xsrrwrl8gd7bbw56shhck0rqpThere’s a new boss in Washington with another one on the way. Trump can fire more shots than Wall and Kieff could ever imagine.


2sb17t64u8eqfwo818q9wf3rtThe Knicks brought in Rose, Jennings, Lee & Noah to join Melo & Porzingis and all of a sudden think they are a contender.


dtoryhjaz1ho00rhn7ic92jc3The hopes in Denver lie mostly with the development of their young bigs. If Nurkic & Jokic can play together, things could get interesting.


ae5hhmahks6aukvaj1eve8exyChicago’s best chance at rising up the rankings would be lobbying for a removal of the 3 point line. Plenty of bricks for Wade’s homecoming.


22557492016MIL needs the Jabannis combo to work to be a chance without K-Midd. Delly & Thon will still make it fun but can’t see them playing in May.


ghuif6d7av3zhxgrtbr08hxszNo Wade, no Bosh, no chance? Whiteside leads the line for the Heat, with this season all about the development of the young core.


24088421986Vivek & Vlade are certainly keeping things interesting in SAC. Draft more bigs, sign some headcases and keep your best player on his toes.


ff1xquoqgqy7f0fsg1j5haqmyORL should be on trade watch from Day 1. The Congo Line has Vuc on the outer & that’s not the only logjam. Oh and Jeff Green gets $15mil.


496212622014You have to applaud N.O for trying to surround AD with healthy bodies this off season. The Jruery is still very much out on this season though.


6pujbfi1fh7h9s1o37hs9reqgPhoenix are essentially running two teams side by side with their Sophomore SG the one hope that could bring them all together.



Walton will have a rough first full season as coach. Despite the Ingram & Russell combo, there is more chance at keeping their pick than playoffs.



Perhaps it’s progress that Philly start the season off the bottom. But with Simmons & Noel hurt, should we cross everything for Embiid?



Linsanity 2.0 might be the only thing that makes the Nets season worth watching. Lopez will be begging he’s on the trade block by January.


It wasn’t mentioned in Four Thought Editions 1 and 2, however as roundtable discussions we actually get together and discuss these topics in person. There are rules. One of us has to bring the topic and curate the discussion. That same person then creates the article. Each one is done over dinner. Dinner must be a burger place.


Edition 1: Grand Trailer Park Taverna, 87 Bourke St, MEL…DN:#2, LD:#1, SE:#2, XH:#1.
Edition 2: Burger Project, 260 Collins St, MEL………………DN:#3, LD:#3, SE:#3, XH:#2.
Edition 3: Royal Stacks, 470 Collins St, MEL………………..DN:#1, LD:#2, SE:#1, XH:#3.

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