TFPP Power Rankings – Update #2


Here is our 2nd edition after getting to finally see these teams play and prove us right/wrong. Team record, league pass watchability and the overall feel of the franchise will all be taken into account when a team rises or drops in the rankings. Rankings from games Oct 25th through Nov 24th. 

lacRecord: 14-2  Last Time: 4th Highest: 1st

The Clippers make a big move to the top of the tree but make no mistake, they deserve to be there. Best record in the league and the best net rating for offence and defence, even when adjusted for who they’ve played.


gswRecord: 13-2 Last Time: 1st Highest: 1st

Golden State are starting to get going. The offence is rolling while the D is still catching up. Even with the help of the self-anointed defensive player of 16/17, Draymond Green, they need to improve on that end.



Record: 11-2 Last Time: 2nd Highest: 2nd

Perhaps the Cavs don’t deserve to drop down the list. They are just cruising at the moment and that’s just how they like it. Interestingly they are playing at a much quicker pace (13th) than last season (28th).



Record: 12-3 Last Time: 3rd Highest: 3rd

Another that is cruising along and a drop in the rankings, is exactly the under the radar approach they like. How this team is 12-3 with a number of things appearing “off” is crazy. But is it really a surprise?



Record: 10-5 Last Time: 13th Highest: 5th

The Hawks have one of the biggest positive jumps from Edition 1 to 2. It’s all on the back of a top rated defence and an improved offence on last season, even if it has slowed in the last few games.



Record: 10-5 Last Time: 10th Highest: 6th

10th last edition, perhaps the only way for this team was down after starting the season without Parsons. The record doesn’t lie though, even if the Net Rating adjusted for strength of opponent (1.54) is low.


torRecord: 10-5 Last Time: 6th Highest: 6th

DeRozan has this team on his back at the moment. Averaging 30/5/4, the Raptors can thank him for a number of their first 10 wins. Will they potentially pick up another one after their Kings protest? Doubt it.


houRecord: 9-6 Last Time: 9th Highest: 8th

Houston has the 5th best O in the league as of now. Surprised? Us neither. Also no surprise is Harden on nightly trip-dub watch. Whilst it’s all fun, will it result in anything of substance later in the year?


bosRecord: 9-6 Last Time: 5th Highest: 5th

Boston have managed to stay above .500 while Horford and Crowder were on the sidelines. They deserve to drop though as the team was pretty horrible during that stretch (4-5) with maybe 1 notable win.


chaRecord: 8-6 Last Time: 15th Highest: 10th

Charlotte weren’t a sexy pick in the pre-season but they are proving consistency pays off. That and another leap from Kemba, averaging similar stats to last year with more points, less TO’s and better %s.


chiRecord: 9-6 Last Time: 21st Highest: 11th

We are willing to say we were wrong on the Bulls. For now. The offence is flowing, the shots are falling and the D is above average. The D still needs to improve and removing Rondo could surprisingly be 1 solution.


utaRecord: 8-8 Last Time: 8th Highest: 8th

Utah have dropped spots but have dealt with major injuries to Hayward & Favors as well as niggles to other key pieces. You could argue that they sit in an above average position given the circumstances.



Record: 8-8 Last Time: 11th Highest: 11th

OKC feasted on a weak schedule early but have recently crashed back to Earth. While Russ is showing no sign of slowing down, he can’t do it all (as much as he’d like to) so Adams, Dipo & friends need to figure it out.


nykRecord: 7-7 Last Time: 19th Highest: 14th

The Knicks have done a pretty good job of living up to their potential so far this season. We still can’t see them doing any damage in the post season but they at least look to be on track for a low seed playoff spot.



Record: 8-8  Last Time: 28th Highest: 15th

Not sure if there is a bigger surprise than the Lakers so far and their 13 spot jump shows it. Walton has turned this mob into a top 10 O where even Nick Young thrives but they have work to do on the other end.


porRecord: 8-9 Last Time: 7th Highest: 7th

It’s convenient that the Blazers and their fall, follow the Lakers rise. Only the Blazers have a worse D rating than the Lakers, yet their O is also rated worse than LA. The drop is deserved and it may continue.


detRecord: 7-9 Last Time: 14th Highest: 14th

Detroit are doing the best they can while they wait for Reggie to come back. A drop was probably inevitable but with Jackson closer to a return the play of others has been equally encouraging & disappointing.



nopRecord: 6-10 Last Time: 26th Highest: 18th

Fortunes can change in the NBA almost daily. If our rankings ran weekly, the Pels would likely have gone from 26th to 30th before up to 18th. Holiday is back and not so coincidentally, the wins are piling up.


milRecord: 6-7 Last Time: 22nd Highest: 19th

The Bucks have their own injury woes, difference being Middleton isn’t returning any time soon. Giannis is entertaining on his own and to their credit, the Bucks have tried to tinker things to remain in the hunt.


indRecord: 7-9 Last Time: 12th Highest: 12th

The key to Indiana’s season was always going to be how well the new pieces gel. The early signs are not great and although the O has improved slightly on last year, the D is free-falling in Vogel’s absence.


denRecord: 6-9 Last Time: 2oth Highest: 20th

Like in the pre-season, we still don’t really know who Denver are. The record is neither good or horribly bad and the roster is in a similar state of flux. Perhaps a change with the later will positively effect the former.


sacRecord: 6-9 Last Time: 24th Highest: 22nd

Oh Sacramento, will things ever change? We had high hopes with the new coach but things were arguably better statistically under the old one. And of course, the Cousins trade rumours have begun to surface.



Record: 4-9 Last Time: 18th Highest: 18th

Brooks was given a roster full of holes and asked to try keep it afloat. Wall/Beal have shown flashes and Otto is ensuring he gets paid. Hard to see major upside for the Wiz as is though and the GM may also pay the price.


minRecord: 4-10 Last Time: 16th Highest: 16th

Some got hyped on Minny, some were more cautious. But did anyone really think Thibs joining Rubio, Wiggins and KAT would result in top 10 O & bottom 10 D? Patience is key here, hopefully Thibs knows that.


orlRecord: 6-9 Last Time: 25th Highest: 25th

Other than PHI, the Magic are the only other team in their original spot. They are seriously hard to watch and we kind of expected it. Even worse, the kids are either struggling in their role or to find minutes.



Record: 5-11 Last Time: 27th Highest: 26th

Like Orlando, Phoenix are about where you’d expect (up 1 spot). The worrying factor is how they’ve got there. Vets are seeing major minutes while Rooks ride the pine and the results are still sub-par on both ends.


miaRecord: 4-10 Last Time: 23rd Highest: 23rd

Heat fans are probably beginning to realise Miami life is now a long way from the 27 win streak of Lebron’s tenure. Perhaps the only positive from this season will be the chance for the next Franchise guy.



Record: 4-10 Last Time: 30th Highest: 28th 

Brooklyn have surprised a few with their early play, however it’s really only been enough for a 2 position jump due to poor D. Losing Lin early didn’t help the Nets keep the gap to Boston as tight as possible.



Record: 4-11 Last Time: 29th Highest: 29th

Embiid makes this team much more watchable but he doesn’t always play and when he does, it’s so far on a restriction. With him, they are a threat any given night. Without him, not even close. Stauskas?!?!



Record: 2-12 Last Time: 17th Highest: 17th

There really isn’t any argument when it comes to who deserves to be at the bottom of the pile. When you take record, league pass watchability and future outlook; there is only one answer = Dallas.




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