Four Thought: Edition Four


Welcome to the 4th  installment of Four-Thought. While we are only 6 weeks into the new season, ruminating over trades is always on the minds of every NBA junkie including the four of us, otherwise known as ‘roster-bating’. Luckily for NBA fans, a very important date is quickly approaching. December 15th. This is the date where trades become more viable because of an expiration of a restriction on trading players who signed new deals (almost 130 of them) in the off-season.

Given we are almost a quarter of the way into the season we are going to get into #OZWOJ mode and look through our rosters to answer four questions revolving around potential who could be packing their bags come December 15.

Which teams need to make a move before the season gets away from them?

DAVID: I want to say OKC, but it wouldn’t be a move out of desperation. So as OKC are already likely to make the playoffs it has to be the Pacers. They need to find a home for Monta Ellis.

Milwaukee. They have made the trade of MCW to the Bulls for Snell after losing Middleton. They have a trade chip in Monroe aka Moose, but I’m not sure who wants him, or if there is even a market for him.

XANDER: Orlando. As far as a team that aren’t that far out of the hunt. It is clear they are going to deal Vucevic, they have already moved him to the bench with Payton. They need to make a move for a good PG or a SF, Jeff Green should not have been starting!

Which teams need to think about the tank?

It wasn’t mentioned in Four Thought Editions 1 and 2, however as round-table discussions we actually get together and discuss these topics in person. There are rules. One of us has to bring the topic and curate the discussion. That same person then creates the article. Each one is done over dinner. Dinner must be a burger place. Results so far:

Edition 1: Grand Trailer Park Taverna, 87 Bourke St, MEL…       DN:#2, LD:#1, SE:#2, XH:#1.
Edition 2: Burger Project, 260 Collins St, MEL…                             DN:#3, LD:#3, SE:#3, XH:#2
Edition 3: Royal Stacks, 470 Collins St, MEL..                                  DN:#1, LD:#2, SE:#1, XH:#3
Edition 4: Merrywell, 8 Whiteman St, Southbank MEL…             DN:#4, LD:#4, SE:#4, XH:#4


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