07/01 – What To Watch For + Week Recap



Line Of The Week: James Harden with the crazy 53 point, 17 assist & 16 rebound game.

Longest Active Winning Streak: Rockets 6 in a row
Longest Active Losing Streak: Knicks 6 in a row

East Playoff Bubble: The Pacers (19-18) and the Bulls (18-18) hold onto 7th & 8th. Wizards, Knicks, Pistons and Magic all still in the hunt.

West Playoff Bubble: The Kings (15-20) still hold onto the final spot. Blazers, Nuggets, Pelicans and even Lakers all still in the chase pack.

Tank Watch: The Nets  (8-26) Celtics sit in prime position right now. They aren’t tanking though, just bad. Watch for Sixers, Heat, Suns and Mavs to all go the extra mile from here on out.

Recap: This week was all about huge individual performances. On top of Line Of The Week from Harden, we had at least one (often more) crazy games each day. Very lucky!

Sat – Isaiah Thomas – 52 points with 9 Threes!
Sun – Lebron James – 32/6/9
Mon – CJ McCollum – Career High 43 Points
Tues – Jimmy Butler – 52/12/6 
Wed – Paul George – 32/6/2
Thurs – Giannis Antetokounmpo – 27/13/4 and the GAME WINNER!
Fri – Russell Westbrook – 49/8/5 with 8 Threes

Side Note: With Korver traded to the Cavs, Woj Bomb season is on RED ALERT. Keep your eye out for more trades to start filtering through. In the meantime, let’s appreciate the Atlanta Hawks 5 that were named Eastern Conference Players Of The Month together in 2015. Seems like forever ago now, with only Millsap remaining but for how long?


Wolves (11-24) @ Wizards (16-18)
Rockets (28-9) @ Magic (16-21)
Sixers (9-24) @ Celtics (21-14)
Cavaliers (26-8) @ Nets (8-26)
Knicks (16-19) @ Bucks (18-16)
Heat (11-26) @ Lakers (13-26)
Grizzlies (22-16) @ Warriors (31-5)
Clippers (24-14) @ Kings (15-20)


#JerseyBet Competition: Warriors World. Golden State suit up against the Grizzlies tonight and one (or 2 or 3 or all 4) are bound to post a crazy stat line. Choose ONE of Curry, Durant, Green or Thompson and guess their stats. If you get it right and I don’t…you win a jersey!

Curry: Points – 26 Assists – 8 Steals – 3
Durant: Points – 32 Rebounds – 8 Blocks – 2
Green: Points – 11 Rebounds – 10 Assists – 7
Thompson: Points – 18 Rebounds – 4 Threes – 4


  • Knicks @ Bucks – The quick rematch on the Bucks turf after Giannis put the dagger through the Porzingisless Knicks. Will Kristaps play? Can the Knicks get revenge? There are playoff implications here too with both teams a few wins apart. Bucks for mine.
  • Grizzlies @ Warriors – The Grizzlies have long been a nemesis for this Warriors team. The Warriors just keep getting better and the Grizzlies just keep getting..well..unhealthier. JaMychal Green is the latest casualty who could actually cause GSW problems. I’ll be watching for the niggle and to see if we keep the Jersey for now! Warriors to win. 
  • Clippers @ Kings – Clippers vs Kings can always get a bit chippy. Whenever you have CP3, Barnes, Boogie and DJ on the court at the same time, you just never know! SAC need to keep winning and they have a chance at a short-handed Clippers on home soil. I’m still taking Clippers though. 
  • Wolves @ Wizards –  This is possibly the only other worthwhile watch today for the neutral supporter. Both teams still have a fighter’s chance at the Playoffs, the Wiz a little more in the East than the baby Wolves in the West. John Wall could carve up the helpless Minny D and Towns/Wiggins/Lavine could really attack the unathletic front line of Washington. Give me the Wizards at home.

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