21/01 – What To Watch For + Week Recap



Line Of The Week: Kevin Durant 40/12/4 and 3 blks (13/16 fg)

Longest Active Winning Streak: Warriors 5 in a row
Longest Active Losing Streak: Nets 11 in a row

East Playoff Bubble: With Washington on a tear and now 5th, there is only 2 games between the 6th placed Pacers and the 10th placed Pistons. Playoffs seeds in the East wont be decided until the last few games.

West Playoff Bubble: Denver, Kings, Portland, Pelicans are only two games apart. Denver put together a few good games, the Kings are free falling going 2-8 over the last ten games.

Tank Watch: The poor Nets have now lost 11 in a row. Miami have just won 2 in a row, forgetting momentarily how to tank…

Sat – Karl Anthony Towns – 29/17/1/2/3
Sun – Devin Booker 39/2/2
Mon – Russell Westbrook 36/11/10/4
Tues – Isaiah Thomas 35/4/5 (7/15 from deep)
Wed – Kawhi Leonard 34/7/5
Thurs – John Wall 25/2/13/2/1
Fri – Nikola Jokic 35/12/4 and 2 blks 

Melo Drama is back in full force! After longtime Jackson assistant and confidant Charlie Rosen penned a negative story on Melo, there was rumor that Melo would waive his no trade clause. Woj has recently written that currently this is not the case and Melo and Jackson maintain a ‘professional relationship’. A definite watch this space as deadline approaches, especially if he keeps doing this

Westbrook met his old friend KD on Thursday. KD won dropping 40 (from 13/16), and taking the win. A new rivalry may have formed after Zaza’s heavy hit and subsequent stare down of Westbrook. As a result Russ had some choice words after the match.

CP3 has torn a ligament in his thumb and is expected to miss 6-8 weeks. Whilst losing your star is tough, the Clippers have also been without Griffin for the last 16 games. Not helping the matter, Paul’s replacement will be either Austin Rivers or Raymond Felton. Clippers can only hope Griffin returns as a force, however previous numbers as demonstrated by FiveThirtyEight demonstrate this is not the case…



Blazers (18-26) @ 76ers (14-26)
Raptors (28-14) @ Hornets (21-21)
Bucks (20-21) @ Magic (17-27)
Kings (16-25) @ Grizzlies (25-19)
Nets (8-33) @ Pelicans (17-26)
Warriors (36-6) @ Rockets (33-12)
Bulls (21-22) @ Hawks (24-18)
Jazz (27-16) @ Mavs (14-28)
Pacers (22-19) @ Lakers (15-31)


#JerseyBet Competition: Durant and Harden! The former teammates of the Oklahoma Thunder are going head to head today – pick ONE of Durant or Harden points, rebounds and assists stat lines right and win an NBA jersey of your choice. The catch is if I get either of them right, I win! My guesses are below:

Durant: 25 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists
33 points, 7 rebounds, 13 assists


  • Blazers @ 76ers – Embiid and the 76ers are on a nice little tear, winning the last two, and 7-3 over the last 10. Meanwhile the Blazers have lost 3 in a row and are still facing stiff competition for the 8th seed from the Nuggets and Pelicans.
  • Raptors @ Hornets– The Hornets are .500 but are in for a tough battle to secure a playoff seed after losing 7 of the past 10. Moreover the Hornets have struggled in the tougher Eastern Conference, going  a combined 0-7 against the top three teams; the Cavs, Raptors and Celtics. Toronto are only 2.5 games behind the Cavs and are looking to surprise the East.
  • Bulls @ Hawks – It was only a few weeks ago the whole league thought the Hawks were going to blow it up and trade Milsap. They are now 4th in the East. The Bulls are still playing solid ball, but need as many wins against Eastern conference teams to ensure a playoff birth.
  • Warriors @ Rockets – Last time Harden and the Rockets surprised the the Dubs. Now the Warriors have found their legs and are the leading offensive and defensive team in the league. The Rockets under D’Antoni are fast and hurting every team from deep. By far the game of the night!

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