TFPP Power Rankings – Update #6

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 12.24.39 pmThere is less than a month until the Regular Season is over and teams are starting to understand where they fit in the NBA landscape. Here at TFPP, we have decided that means you’re likely in or out. Even if some teams don’t quite know it just yet. Whilst our updated Power Rankings still go from #1 through to #30, teams will now be divided into 3 main groups from here on out. Whilst there is a small chance teams may get a group upgrade as time goes on, it is far more likely the top tier will continue to shrink while those below expand. 

All rankings are below, with some extra information based on which group they find themselves in. There is also a unique franchise question relating to where each team is currently ranked. Rankings from games: Feb 14th – Mar 12th.
Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 12.45.49 pmNine teams in this group may be a little generous but although the season opened up with all and sundry expecting a Warriors/Cavs rematch, it’s not a fait accompli. Injuries to Kevin’s on both sides, mean the East & West Finals spots are a little more open for business at this stage. Here we rank each team that could have a legitimate shot at the title should everything go in their favour, plus look at the franchise’s playoff credentials. 

warriors logo#1 GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS – Record: 52-14 Last Time: 1st Highest: 1st

NBA Titles: 4
Playoff Appearances: 33
Current Playoff Streak: 4

Q: Which current Warrior was 1st in PPG in last year’s playoffs?
cavaliers logo#2 CLEVELAND CAVALIERS – Record: 43-22 Last Time: 3rd Highest: 2nd

NBA Titles: 1
Playoff Appearances: 20
Current Playoff Streak: 2

Name the 3 current players to have only played in the Playoffs twice in their career?spurs logo#3 SAN ANTONIO SPURS – Record: 51-14 Last Time: 2nd Highest: 2nd

NBA Titles: 5
Playoff Appearances: 37
Current Playoff Streak: 19

Q: Which current player is 3rd in Playoff Points scored in their career?rockets logo#4 HOUSTON ROCKETS- Record: 46-21 Last Time: 4th Highest: 4th

NBA Titles: 2
Playoff Appearances: 30
Current Playoff Streak: 4

Q: The Rockets have made the Playoffs the last 4 seasons, which player(s) have made the playoffs just 4 times?

celtics logo#5 BOSTON CELTICS – Record: 42-25 Last Time: 5th Highest: 5th

NBA Titles: 17
Playoff Appearances: 53
Current Playoff Streak: 2

Q: Who was the 5th highest paid player on Boston’s last Championship team?
wizards logo#6 WASHINGTON WIZARDS – Record: 41-24 Last Time: 6th Highest: 6th

NBA Titles: 1
Playoff Appearances: 27
Current Playoff Streak: 0

Q: Since becoming the Wizards, WAS have made the playoffs 6 times. Who appeared in the earliest of those series out of all current NBA players?
jazz logo#7 UTAH JAZZ – Record: 41-25 Last Time: 8th Highest: 6th

NBA Titles: 0
Playoff Appearances: 25
Current Playoff Streak: 0

Q: The top seven scorers from the last Jazz playoff series are still in the NBA, can you name them all?raptors logo#8 TORONTO RAPTORS – Record: 38-28 Last Time: 9th Highest: 4th

NBA Titles: 0
Playoff Appearances: 8
Current Playoff Streak: 3

Q: In Toronto’s eight playoff appearances, who has the highest RPG single playoff average with 11.1 RPG?clippers logo#9 LA CLIPPERS – Record: 40-26 Last Time: 11th Highest: 1st

NBA Titles: 0
Playoff Appearances: 12
Current Playoff Streak: 5

Q: LA have 9 Playoffs appearances when named the Clippers, which current NBA player is related to a member of the team that made the playoffs as the Braves?

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 12.50.06 pm.pngThis grouping will likely get larger as teams from above fall down and perhaps even teams from below fight their way into the playoff picture. However it’s VERY unlikely any will jump out as a ‘Contender’ and therefore, if you are in this group you are simply making up the numbers. We rank each team according to their current outlook, whilst looking at who might have the best chance at causing an early upset. 

grizzlies logo#10 MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES – Record: 36-30 Last Time: 7th Highest: 6th

Estimated Wins: 45
Possible Position: 7th
Possible 1st Round & H2H: Spurs (1-0)

Q: A playoff appearance this year will make it 10 in history. Which current coach was a member of the first?thunder logo#11 OKC THUNDER – Record: 37–29 Last Time: 12th Highest: 9th

Estimated Wins: 46
Possible Position: 6th
Possible 1st Round & H2H: Rockets (1-2)

Q: The last Sonics Playoff team played in 11 games, which current head coach was an assistant on that team?hawks logo#12 ATLANTA HAWKS – Record: 37-29 Last Time: 10th Highest: 5th

Estimated Wins: 46
Possible Position: 5th
Possible 1st Round & H2H: Raptors (2-1)

Q: The Hawks have made the Playoffs every year since 07/08, name the 4 players from the 12 man Playoff roster still playing today?pacers logo#13 INDIANA PACERS – Record: 34-32 Last Time: 13th Highest: 12th

Estimated Wins: 43
Possible Position: 6th
Possible 1st Round & H2H: Celtics (0-2)

Q: Which current NBA player averaged 13PPG on the 10/11 Pacers Playoff team?pistons logo#14 DETROIT PISTONS – Record: 33-33 Last Time: 16th Highest: 14th

Estimated Wins: 41
Possible Position: 7th
Possible 1st Round & H2H: Wizards (1-1)

Q: Ben Wallace averaged 14 RPG in the Playoffs when the Pistons won the title, who had the worst RPG average on that team?bucks logo#15 MILWAUKEE BUCKS – Record: 32-33 Last Time: 21st Highest: 11th

Estimated Wins: 40
Possible Position: 8th
Possible 1st Round & H2H: Cavaliers (1-3)

Q: Who was the leading scorer on the Bucks teams that played in the Playoffs 15 years ago?blazers logo#16 PORTLAND TRAILBLAZERS – Record: 29-36 Last Time: 18th Highest: 7th

Estimated Wins: 36
Possible Position: 8th
Possible 1st Round & H2H: Warriors (0-4)

Q: Who averaged 16 MPG during the season on the Blazers team that made the Playoffs for the final time of a 21 year streak (1982-2003)?nuggets logo#17 DENVER NUGGETS – Record: 31-35 Last Time: 14th Highest: 14th

Estimated Wins: 38
Possible Position: 8th
Possible 1st Round & H2H: Warriors (1-2)

Q: Name the 4 current NBA players that averaged 17PPG per 36 mins for the Nuggets team that last made the playoffs in 2012-13?heat logo#18 MIAMI HEAT – Record: 32-35 Last Time: 15th Highest: 15th

Estimated Wins: 39
Possible Position: 8th
Possible 1st Round & H2H: Cavaliers (2-1)

Q: LeBron’s last season in Miami was the franchises 18th appearance. Who played in 3 Playoff games that year?bulls logo#19 CHICAGO BULLS  – Record: 31-35 Last Time: 17th Highest: 11th

Estimated Wins: 38
Possible Position: 8th 
Possible 1st Round & H2H: Cavaliers (3-0)

Q: There have been 19 completed seasons since the Bulls’ last title. Which two current NBA players played for the Bulls’ when they next made the playoffs after the 92/93 title?

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 12.53.17 pm
There are some outside playoff chances below but make no mistake, it’s time to raise the white flag if you are ranked 20-30 in our rankings. Team’s located in this section have either long known of their fate and are actively looking to improve their draft position or they should start now. Eleven teams are ranked below essentially in the reverse order of how well they are losing, whilst also taking a look at how that losing is increasing their draft outlook. 

timberwolves logo#20 MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES – Record: 27-38 Last Time: 26th Highest: 16th

Current Position: 22nd
#1 Pick Odds: 1.7%
Likely Draft Picks: 9

Q: Who did the Wolves select at Pick 20 in the last 10 years but was traded to the Rockets without him ever suiting up for Minnesota?
hornets logo#21 CHARLOTTE HORNETS – Record: 29-37 Last Time: 24th Highest: 10th

Current Position: 19th
#1 Pick Odds: 0.7%
Likely Draft Picks: 12, 42

Q: Who did Charlotte select at Pick 21 but only last 2 seasons for the Hornets?mavericks logo#22 DALLAS MAVERICKS – Record: 28-37 Last Time: 20th Highest: 17th

Current Position: 21st
#1 Pick Odds: 1.1%
Likely Draft Picks: 10, 40

Q: Which 22 year old was drafted by Dallas but then traded for Lucas Nogueira and two 2nd Round picks?
kings logo#23 SACRAMENTO KINGS – Record: 25-41 Last Time: 19th Highest: 19th

Current Position: 25th
#1 Pick Odds: 0% – Swap to Philly
Likely Draft Picks: 6, 8, 34, 36

Q: Which player who has had 2 stints with the Kings, was originally drafted with pick 23 by Sacramento?pelicans logo#24 NEW ORLEANS PELICANS – Record: 26-40 Last Time: 22nd Highest: 18th

Current Position: 23rd
#1 Pick Odds: 2.8%
Likely Draft Picks: 38

Q: The Pelicans 2nd Round pick in this year’s draft will be the franchises 24th in total. Which player has played the most games since being drafted?
knicks logo#25 NEW YORK KNICKS – Record: 26-41 Last Time: 23rd Highest: 14th

Current Position: 24th
#1 Pick Odds: 4.3%
Likely Draft Picks: 7, 43, 58

Q: The Knicks’ haven’t drafted a star since Ewing. Which Knicks draftee has scored the most points in the last 25 years?
sixers logo#26 PHILADELPHIA 76ERS – Record: 24-42 Last Time: 25th Highest: 25th

Current Position: 27th
#1 Pick Odds: 18.2% – Combined odds with Kings
Likely Draft Picks: 4, 37, 44, 51

Q: Furkan Korkmaz was taken last year at Pick 26, who was the last player taken at that pick by Philly before him?

magic logo#27 ORLANDO MAGIC – Record: 24-43 Last Time: 28th Highest: 22nd

Current Position: 26th
#1 Pick Odds: 8.8%
Likely Draft Picks: 5, 22, 35

Q: An Orlando Magic draftee at Pick #5 has averaged exactly 27 MPG in his career. Can you name him?

suns logo

#28 PHOENIX SUNS – Record: 22-45 Last Time: 29th Highest: 26th

Current Position: 28th
#1 Pick Odds: 15.6%
Likely Draft Picks: 3, 33, 52

Q: The Suns won 28 games in ’87 then selected two rookies in the ’88 draft who are now Head Coaches. One in the NBA, the other in the NCAA. Who are they?

lakers logo#29 LA LAKERS – Record: 20-46 Last Time: 27th Highest: 15th

Current Position: 29th
#1 Pick Odds: 19.9%
Likely Draft Picks: 2, 28, 32

Q: Who was drafted at Pick #29 by the Lakers and traded to the Knicks in 2009?

nets logo

#30 BROOKLYN NETS – Record: 12-53 Last Time: 30th Highest: 28th

Current Position: 30th
#1 Pick Odds: 0% – Swap with Boston
Likely Draft Picks: 25, 26, 55

Q: Three prominent Nets’ draft picks have averaged 30MPG in their career. Can you name any of them?

1. Kevin Durant 2. Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, Kyrie Irving 3. Pau Gasol 4. Ryan Anderson, Patrick Beverley 5. James Posey 6. Nick Young 7. Jefferson, Harris, Millsap, Favors, Hayward, Burks, Carroll 8. Antonio Davis 9. James Michael McAdoo 

10. Earl Watson 11. Dwane Casey 12. Johnson, Horford, Pachulia, Williams 13. Darren Collison  14. Darko Milicic 15. Gary Payton 16. Zach Randolph 17. Gallinari, Lawson, Fournier, Brewer 18. Greg Oden 19. Tyson Chandler & Luol Deng 

20. Donatas Motiejunas 21. Ricky Davis 22. Kelly Olynyk 23. Omri Casspi 24. David West 25. David Lee 26. Samuel Dalembert 27. Mike Miller 28. Dan Majerle & Steve Kerr 29. Toney Douglas 30. Kenyon Martin, Kenny Anderson, Cliff Robinson


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