How Many Current NBA Players Can You Name?

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 12.56.32 pmThe Summer months can be an NBA wasteland. After the initial flurry of the draft, free agency activity and Summer League play, you are left with only the odd minimum contract announcement or jersey unveiling to hold onto.

The lack of live topics to discuss means there is often more hypothetical discussion, which can range from the very bad (Is Devin Booker any good? For example) to the very good. On Twitter, @editor_dan brought up what could be used an example of the very good when it comes to hypothetical questions.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 1.23.27 pm

With over 1,000 votes, the answers really vary amongst those who put it out there on Twitter. So hopefully that enthusiam still remains and we can truly put it to the test.

Presenting………….the “How Many Current NBA Players Can You Name?” game.

Firstly, the rules:

  • Each Team can have a maximum of 17 correct answers. That is 15 roster players, plus up to 2 Two-Way Contract players.
  • If a team is holding more than 15 on the roster, only the likeliest are included.
  • Any others plus other noteable ommissions are listed under “not included”.
  • Restricted Free Agents who are yet to sign anywhere but still have their Qualifying Offer from current team, count towards that teams total.
  • You have 10 minutes to complete each divisional quiz. That’s an hour total.
  • Only the last name of a player needs to be entered. Once it’s inserted correctly, you will score a point for a correct answer.
  • What about spelling? You may Google names ONLY to get the correct spelling.
  • Hyphens in last names ARE needed.
  • Players with only one commonly used name are entered as such.
  • Accents, Apostrophes and Juniors/III/IV etc ARE NOT needed.
  • There are NO hints, despite that column appearing in the quizzes.
  • NO CHEATING! What’s the point?!


Players Per Team: BOS (17), BKN (16), NYK (16), PHI (15) & TOR (17)

Players Not Included: Shane Larkin, Randy Foye, Marshall Plumlee, Alex Poythress, Jonah Bolden, Justin Hamilton.

Max Score For Division: 81

Play the Atlantic Division Quiz Here


Players Per Team: DAL (16), HOU (16), MEM (16), NOP (16) & SAS (16)

Players Not Included: Gian Clavell, Tim Quarterman, Shawn Long, Isaiah Taylor, Tony Allen, Mario Chalmers, Jeremy Morgan, Rade Zagorac, Dante Cunningham, Donatas Motiejunas, David Lee, Joel Anthony.

Max Score For Division: 80

Play the Southwest Division Quiz Here


Players Per Team: CHI (16), CLE (15), DET (16), IND (15) & MIL (17)

Players Not Included: Anthony Morrow, Dahntay Jones, James Jones, Deron Williams, Derrick Williams, Landry Nnoko, Beno Udrih, Jason Terry, JeQuan Lewis.

Max Score For Division: 79

Play the Central Division Quiz Here


Players Per Team: DEN (17), MIN (14), OKC (16), POR (15) & UTA (16)

Players Not Included: Semaj Christon, Norris Cole, Festus Ezeli, Andrew Nicholson, Royce O’Neale.

Max Score For Division: 78

Play the Northwest Division Quiz Here


Players Per Team: ATL (15), CHA (15), MIA (16), ORL (15) & WAS (17)

Players Not Included: Diamond Stone, Brian Roberts, Christian Wood, Patricio Garino, CJ Watson, Trey Burke, Brandon Jennings.

Max Score For Division: 78

Play the Southeast Division Quiz Here


Players Per Team: GSW (16), LAC (16), LAL (16), PHX (17) & SAC (17)

Players Not Included: Matt Barnes, James Michael McAdoo, Briante Weber, Stephen Zimmerman, VJ Beachem, Leandro Barbosa, Ty Lawson.

Max Score For Division: 82

Play the Pacific Division Quiz Here

Once every team has their full roster of 15 guys plus 2 Two Way contracts, the total number of active NBA players will be 510. However, if you got through all six quizzes in, you will have a combined score out of a grand total of 478.

Whether you just tested yourself on one division or went through the whole lot, let us know how you did!

Here is how The Four Point Play team scored:

Nash (Big advantage as creator of quiz): 372 (Pacific Division: 71)
Joel: 345 (Pacific/Central: 65)
Sam: 298 (Atlantic: 56)
Xander:  346 (Northwest: 62)

Thanks to Keith Smith & the guys at 2 Ways & 10 Days for great info plus…..
Editor Dan & Brady Klopfer for the idea
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