Lakers Offseason Report: Hollywood Nights – The Prelude

Los Angeles Offseason Report: All you need to know about the Lakers’ offseason.

The Lakers have added Lonzo Ball, and along with Brandon Ingram will look to entice Free Agents from the class of 2018 to sign with them to restore Showtime.


Rich Paul: Mr. Klutch Put To The Test

The NBA’s newest agent powerbroker has possibly set himself his biggest test yet.

Rich Paul has the track record but can he come through in the Klutch again in 2018?


Saturday 10th Dec – What To Watch For

9 NBA games to start your weekend the right way with a pick ’em challenge to score a jersey!

2 rebuilding teams at different points of the process. Xander and David take a peak at the days games and dig into Suns @ Lakers.


Saturday 26th Nov – What To Watch For

After a rare day off in the NBA calendar for Thanksgiving, every team is in action! Perfect time for a #JerseyBet!

Linton & Xander put the spotlight on the Lakers/Warriors rematch and talk about other exciting factors from other games.


Los Angeles Lakers – Off Season Report

Kobe Bryant has left the building. How do the Lakers transition without their personal GOAT?

Take a look at the Ins/Outs, Analysis, Depth Chart, Salary Cap Situation, Future Assets and the 5 biggest questions for the Lakers in Season 16/17