Blazers Offseason Report: Is The Bosnian Beast Enough?

Portland Offseason Report: All you need to know about the Trailblazer’s Offseason.

Nurkic Fever struck Portland last season, will 82 games of Jusuf be enough to make Portland contenders in a stacked West?


Damian Lillard Leading Late Charge Once Again

Damian Lillard has lead the charge, with his much improved play since the All Star Break. Can he get them to the Post Season?

After a rough first half of the season, Portland now find themselves back in the driver’s seat for the race to the Playoffs.


How (Not) To Build A Roster – Part Two

How are NBA rosters compiled? The answer is that like snowflakes, no two methods are the same. We take a look at four teams’ unique philosophies in Part 2 of How (Not) to Build A Roster.


Thursday 24th Nov – What To Watch For

Linton and Xander take a look at the key factors in several of the matchups.

26 NBA teams play today! We make our predictions, challenge you to a competition and put the spotlight on Portland @ Cleveland.


OPENING NIGHT – 3 Games, 3 Takeaways

The NBA is underway! Did Opening Night show a glimpse of the future or a one off blip?

3 #hottakes from the start of the regular season.


Portland Trail Blazers Off Season Report

The Trail Blazers were the little engine that could after losing 4-of-5 starters last season. Can they continue their success with increased expectations?

Take a look at the Ins/Outs, Analysis, Depth Chart, Salary Cap Situation, Future Assets and the 5 biggest questions for the Blazers in Season 16/17.