31/12 – What To Watch For + Week Recap

The last day of games for the Australian NBA fan in 2016.

We take a look at the week that was, the 10 games on today and a big man #jerseybet.


Roster #3 Roundup – Drive & Dish

Who’s leading the race and who’s stuck in the pits?

I take a look at the Cavs, Dubs, Spurs, Clips, Bucks, Jazz, Heat, Celtics and Mavs’ season so far!


Sunday 20th Nov – What To Watch For

9 total games, an Al Horford possible return, Hot East (Bulls) vs Hot West (Clippers), Harden trip dub watch & our spotlight on Warriors @ Bucks.

David & Sam take a look at all the action in today’s run of games.



As they say; basketball is like a mixed bag of lollies. Actually, no one says that except me.

We are about 15% of the way through the season and I’ve summed up the results so far for Boston, Cleveland, Dallas, Golden State, LA Clippers, Miami, Milwaukee, San Antonio & Utah.


Trade Official: MCW for Snell

The injury to Khris Middleton has resulted in the Bucks giving up on MCW. The Bulls may have already given up on Snell.

Sam & Linton take a look at the trade.


Milwaukee Bucks – Off Season Report

Can Kidd get the Bucks back on course?

Take a look at the Ins/Outs, Analysis, Depth Chart, Salary Cap Situation, Future Assets and the 5 biggest questions for the Bucks in Season 16/17.