TFPP Power Rankings #7 – Playoffs & Lottery Primer

Our 7th and final Power Rankings of the Regular Season, including a playoff primer for the 16 teams advancing and a draft primer for the 14 teams going home.


TFPP Power Rankings – Update #6

Our 6th Power Rankings of the Regular Season. With the Playoffs coming, we divide all 30 teams into 3 main categories.

TFPP Power Rankings – Update #2

Finally some basketball has been played and teams have had a chance to prove us right or wrong.

Take a look at our updated Power Rankings, not only based on performance so far but league pass watchability and future outlook for 2016/17 and beyond.

Four Thought: Edition Three

Roundtable discussion on our NBA Power Rankings before the season tips off, which will be updated monthly during the season.
A formula based on team performance, league pass watchability and overall feel of the franchise.